Mayor McCoy, EIC Board Hold First Meeting

Mayor McCoy last night called to order the first meeting of the Energy Improvement District (EID) Board. The 8:00 p.m. meeting lasted approximately one hour, while the six board members adopted rules and elected a chairman. The board also discussed funding and other matters regarding their duties.

“Last night a group of six highly qualified and informed board members met for the first time to establish governing rules for their board and to choose a chairperson, both of which were carried out successfully and unanimously,” Mayor McCoy said. “It is my hope that this board will establish more efficient and reliable ways to improve the use of energy in our community.”

At the meeting, the board adopted a rule of electing a chairperson every two months and also adopted Roberts Rules of Order as the board’s governing rules of order. The board also unanimously chose Jeffrey Boulrice as the first chairperson. The board’s next meeting will be held on the last Monday in March.

The Town of Vernon Energy Improvement District and Energy Improvement District Board were established with the passage of Ordinance #292 on March 16, 2010 and became effective on April 7, 2010. The six members were appointed to the board on December 21, 2010. According to the ordinance, Mayor McCoy will serve as an ex-officio member of the board.


About Mayor Jason L. McCoy

Mayor of Vernon, Connecticut
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